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Examples of Ignorance and Carelessness involving Firearms

Following safe handling and storage of firearms is so very, very important. You can make a difference. You'll be able to understand this when you read how the victims in these news releases became victims. Take a safety course if you haven't done so just so you and your loved ones will know what you need to know to stay safe.

Police Officer, Hartford, CT Gun Expert Injured, West Valley City Utah
Boy, 14, Houston, TX Deer Hunter, 34, Grandtully, Perthshire
Boy, 15, Foresthill, CA Boy, 13, Las Vegas, NV
Man, 49, Philipsburg, MT Boy, 13, Springfield, MO
Girl, 17, Columbia, MO Antique Firearm, 100 yr old, Duluth, GA
Boy, 14, Cortez Student, 26, Tarpon Springs, FL
Boy, 12, South Jordan, UT Coroner, Monroe County, IN
Boy, 14, Deseret, UT Man, 20, Tampa, FL
Boy, 8, Stockton, CA Boy, 11, Latonia Lakes, OH
Boy, 14, Spanaway, Pierce County Detective, Wichita, KS
Boy, 10, Lowell, VT Corrections Officer, Bartow, CA

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