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A Message to Kids about Guns

Not long ago, in another town, some kids found a gun. Maybe they just found it in a closet while looking for birthday presents. Maybe they just found it on a playground while on the playground. Maybe they found it in Grandmaís Attic. Maybe they just found it because it was left out by mistake.

It doesnít matter why they found it or where they found it. What matters is that the gun was loaded and they played with it. Now, they are very sorry that they did, because a friend got hurt. Please donít let it happen to you.

Always Follow These Safety Rules:

  1. Donít go looking for guns, in your house or a friendís house. Donít let other kids look for guns in your house either.
  2. If you find a gun in your home, or anywhere else, STOP! DONíT TOUCH IT! LEAVE THE AREA AND TELL AN ADULT!
  3. Even if a gun looks like a toy, DON'T TOUCH IT! Some guns look like toys. Donít take a chance that you can hurt yourself or a friend. TELL AN ADULT!

Remember, if you find a gun, STOP! DONíT TOUCH IT! LEAVE THE AREA AND TELL AN ADULT! This is what Eddie Eagle teaches Kids!

Now, thereís one important step you can take to prove to your Mom and Dad to prove youíll be responsible about guns. Click on this contract, print off the contract, sign it and give it to your Mom and Dad! Show how much you love them so they wonít have to worry!


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