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Hereís the rest of the picture.

If you were able to discern that the top firearm was the toy gun, you win. If you didnít, you lose and so might someone you love. If a Police Officer or an armed citizen saw just enough of the semi automatic to make them think a threat was real, whoever was in possession of the toy gun might get killed. 

Whether it's an air soft pistol that fires plastic pellets or a toy gun like the one in the picture, you might want to take guns seriously and talk to your loved ones about  them so they stay safe.

Have them take any type of gun safety course so there won't be any accidents.

If you would like a free NRA Gun Safety Rules Brochure, please send a 4"x9.5" self addressed stamped envelope with first class postage to Mike Burchman, PO Box 73, Hopkinton, MA 01748 and we'll get one right out to you!


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